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Our reports allow you to check the ranks for any day after you begin the service. This can be very useful in a variety of ways. If you are paying someone to do SEO work for you, then this serves as a wonderful tool to compare your websites ranks to the ranks they report. If your SEO manager presents you with rankings for a particular day, you have the ability to check the ranks from our unbiased service on that day.

Check Ranks for Different Devices

In general, more searches are being conducted on mobile devices than on desktop devices. The search engines do not give the same ranks to a search on a desktop that they do to a search on a mobile device. Different businesses have different targets. A business-to-business connection will have more visitors using desktop devices. A retail establishment will more likely have more visitors on mobile devices. Where you concentrate your SEO efforts depends on your target market.

Our rank reports can track you ranks for desktop searches and for mobile device searches. Some clients only track one, most track both. A significant differential in your mobile and desktop ranks serves as a warning that you have a problem in your website's design.

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