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If you have your ranks and are happy with their positions, that's great. If your ranks are not satisfactory, then you need SEO services. We have the source for that!

SEO for Small Business Websites

Small businesses need websites that provide desired traffic to their site. The key word here is "desired." There are services out there that guarantee an increase in "traffic" to your site. And it is not always the kind of traffic you want.

Desired Traffic

Your website is designed to reach a target audience. You want to get traffic to you site, but it needs to be the right traffic. That traffic needs to meet the goals of your website. Those goals can range from generating sales for your business to providing information to a group of people. To meet these goals websites need to determine what phrases to target. From there they make content modifications and track their progress. They repeat this process until they get their desired results.

The process of SEO

Target Phrases

Your website is designed to reach a target audience. You need to determine what phrases this audience is searching for. Choosing these phrases ranges from asking your current customers how they would search to researching the current volume of searches in your market.

Manage Content

The content of your website is one of the most critical elements in determining your search engine ranks. Simple things like grammar and spelling are penalized by the search engines. The average time visitors spend on your site is another determining factor. Both of these are influenced by the site's content.

Track Progress

Tracking the progress of your SEO can be a simple as tracking your emails and phone calls. It can get as complicated as monitoring the time visitors spend on your site and the number of pages they view. You need to determine what method will help you reach your goals.

Repeat The Process

After the process is completed you need to determine if you have reach your goals. If you have, great! From here you just need to track your ranks and make sure they don't slide. If you haven't reached your goals then you need to repeat the process.

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SEO and Small Business

Small businesses don't have the resources to devote to SEO services that larger businesses do. There are a range of options to get SEO for small business websites. One is to hire a professionals that specializes in web design and know how to get rankings in the search engines. Hiring this employee is expensive and most small businesses can't afford it. Another option is to hire an outside source to do this work for you. These specialists have the required expertise and don't require the outlay that a new employee would.

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