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Track 70 Phrases

This report is ideal to track the ranks of multiple websites. There are no contracts. You can terminate your service at any time.

$59 per month (or $630 per year)

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Our standard plan allows you to track 70 phrases. You can track up to three sites. Each search counts as a phrase. For example, 70 phrases can allocate to 2 websites searching 35 phrases on 1 devices (a desktop or a smartphone).

You could track 2 websites for 10 phrases for desktop and mobile searches. Then track one website for 15 phrases for desktop and mobile.

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Compare to a Competitor

Once you see the information your report can provide you may want to consider adding more phrases or tracking more sites. Comparing your website's ranks to the ranks of your competitors can be very valuable. You can make modifications to your site designed to put you on top.

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Monitor Your Search Engine Ranks Over Time

Businesses that depend on the web for gaining customers need to monitor their ranks in the search engines. Our services offer exactly that. Your target phrases are searched every day. Their placement in the primary search engines is recorded and can be reviewed on demand.

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