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Rank Report Pricing

Our basic pricing plans are listed below. We can also customize a plan for your website.

40 Phrases

$39 per Month

Or $420.00 per year

Track 40 phrases for one website. Get the daily rankings of your site in Google, Yahoo! and Bing. This report can be used to monitor your own website or the website of a competitor.

This is our introductory plan and will show you the value of the report. Once you see what the service provides you can expand it to include more phrases and more websites.

Click here to buy the 40 phrase plan

70 Phrases

$59.00 per Month

Or $530.00 per year

You can use this plan to track 70 phrases for one website or 35 phrases for two websites. Send us a list of the phrases and the website(s). We will track them daily for you. You will have access to the ranks history from the point you start the service.

This plan is ideal to use when comparing your search engine ranks to the ranks of your primary competitor. It also allows you to evaluate the worth of your SEO service.

Click here to buy the 70 phrase plan

100 Phrases

$79 per Month

Or $840.00 per year

This plan can be used to track 100 phrases for one website, 50 phrases for two websites, or 25 phrases for four websites.

This plan allows you to track your search engine ranks and compare them with the ranks of multiple competitors. Keeping informed about where you rank helps you determine when your website needs improvement.

Click here to buy the 100 phrase plan

Custom Rank Report Plans

If you have more phrases, a lot of competitors you want to track or other special needs, then give us a call or email us with the details. We will customize a program just for your business.

Know Your Search Engine Ranks

Do you know how your ranks compare to those of your competitors in your local market? Is your website even showing up? Tracking your search engine ranks can answer these questions. We can track your site and the sites of your competitors.

The knowledge provided by our reports can help you keep a check on your SEO services. Make sure they are telling you the truth about your ranks and their movements.

Our search engine rank reports provide you with peace of mind. They are accurate and independent of your other SEO services.

Website Rank Tracking

Our website rank tracking provides you with peace of mind. It is accurate and independent of your other SEO services.

Too often, businesses are given false information on their website ranks. Some SEO services make their performance look better than it actually is. Our website rank tracking allows you to check behind these services and keep them honest.

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Check Your Own SEO Performance

Some businesses do their own SEO. When they do, they normally check on their ranks with the same device on a regular basis. Did you know that the search engines customize their results for your device? Well, they do. And that means that the ranks you see are often better then the ranks others get on their devices. Don't believe it? Check your rank for a phrase, then go check it on a device that belongs to someone else. Odds are, the ranks won't be the same.

Our rank reports are made via automated searches that eliminate the bias of a single device.

Check Ranks for a Market Area

Did you know that search engine ranks vary from one area to another? Some businesses target the world, others target the country and others target a local market. Our reports can show you where your ranks are nationally or locally.

No Contracts. Cancel anytime you are not happy with our rank reports.

Start your service today. Get your first reports within 48 hours.

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