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Your Device Is Likely Bias

If you have viewed your business's website in the past, then the search engines give it preference in your future searches. This makes the results you see inaccurate.

Your Device Is Likely Bias

Checking ranks on your device is likely to be inaccurate. When you check your ranks this way your results will look better than they truly are.

Odds Are Your Data Are Bad

If you are checking your ranks in house, then you are probably getting bad data. Your results are likely to look better than they truly are for two reasons. Those reasons are your location and your search history.

The Location Influence

Your ranks are influenced by your location. The results you see show bias toward the businesses closest to you.

The History Influence

Your ranks are influenced by your search history. If you have searched for your business and clicked on your website, then your actions are recorded. Those results are used to in your next search. Google looks at sites you have chosen prior and gives them better ranks in the future. It anticipates that you are looking for the same thing. The results you get will likely be better than the results new searchers will get.

Search history chart

Customize Your Search Engine Rank Report

We provide a report that shows you where your site ranks in the search engines without the biases. Your search engine rank report is customized for your website and your desired target phrases. It is also customized for the locations of your target markets.

National Results

Our rank reports can show you how your site generally ranks across the country. This is a good measure for businesses that are targeting large markets. Their ranks are national.

Local Results

Our reports can also track your search results locally. The search engines give preference to local websites. Local results allow you to track your rankings in specific market areas.

Daily Data

Our search engine rank reports include daily checks on your ranks. This allows you to monitor the changes taking place in your ranks and the success of your SEO programs. And the search engine rank checker tracks your history.

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